Fall Bucket List for Expats/ Cosas Que Hacer Antes Del Final Del Otoño

If you are an expat living abroad and see the various “Fall Bucket Lists” on the internet, you would be pretty depressed. Half the things mentioned you can’t even do. Visit a pumpkin patch? Nope. Eat Halloween Oreos? Double nope. Go through a corn maze? Non-existent. Si eres un expatriado o un extranjero y ves […]

7 Apple Drinks For Fall / 7 Bebidas con Manzanas para Otoño

(Found at Sally’s Baking Addiction.) Oh, apples! How I love thee! There are so many ways to eat them but also, so many ways to drink them! Manzanas! Me encanta! Hay tantas maneras de comer ellos, pero también, hay tantas maneras de beber ellos! Here are some awesome recipes:  Aquí están algunas recetas increíbles:

Ground Beef Chili Recipe / Receta de Chili Con Carne

Oh fall is around the corner and is one of my favorite food seasons. The kids have been anticipating apple cider and pumpkin cheesecake, bread, cookies, and well, anything pumpkin! But today, it was chili! Mmm! Making chili makes your whole house smell yummy! There’s lots of slow cooker chili recipes out there but occasionally, […]