The Royal Monastery of El Escorial, Spain / El Real Monasterio de El Escorial

I recently spent a personal retreat in the town of San Lorenzo del Escorial and was able to see the Royal Monastery there. Recientemente, pasé un retiro personal en la ciudad de San Lorenzo del Escorial y pude ver el Real Monasterio allí. The Royal Monastery of El Escorial was designed and built by Juan […]

Family Trip to St. Paul de Vence, France / St. Paul de Vence, Francia con Mi Familia

Nestled near Nice, France is a tiny town with lots of character! We were here last October and it was beautiful! One of the oldest medieval town on the French Riviera, it can sometimes be full of tourists, but in October, it was amazing! Cerca de Niza, Francia es un pequeño pueblo con mucho carácter! […]

Royal Monastery of St. Thomas, Avila, Spain / Real Monasterio de Santo Tomás, Avila, España

Constructed in 1482, the Royal Monastery of Saint Thomas was funded by Ferdinand and Isabel. It’s also the headquarters of the notorious Friar Tomás Torquemada who was Spain’s first Grand Inquisitor and the zealous leader of the witch-hunts of the 15th century in Spain. Construido en 1482, el Real Monasterio de Santo Tomás fue financiado por […]

The Crystal Palace (Madrid, Spain) / El Palacio de Cristal (Madrid, España)

This weekend, we went to hang out at Retiro Park (Madrid’s version of Central Park) to have a picnic with some friends. This park is huge so we love setting up near the Crystal Palace so everyone knows where to go and because inside the Crystal Palace, there are bathrooms for the kids. The weather […]

The Alhambra (Granada, Spain)/ La Alhambra

In Tales of the Alhambra, Washington Irving wrote, “Such is the Alhambra—a Moslem pile in the midst of a Christian land, an Oriental palace amidst the Gothic edifices of the West, an elegant memento of a brave, intelligent, and graceful people who conquered, ruled and passed away.” Sadly, before I saw the Alhambra, I didn’t […]