Fall Bucket List for Expats/ Cosas Que Hacer Antes Del Final Del Otoño

If you are an expat living abroad and see the various “Fall Bucket Lists” on the internet, you would be pretty depressed. Half the things mentioned you can’t even do. Visit a pumpkin patch? Nope. Eat Halloween Oreos? Double nope. Go through a corn maze? Non-existent. Si eres un expatriado o un extranjero y ves […]

How Many Extracurricular Activities Is Too Much / Cuántas Actividades Extraescolares son Demasiadas?

School has started which mean extracurricular activities will start soon too. Fortunately, the school the kids go to provide activities during lunch and after school that you can pay for (their lunch periods are 2 hours long), so we don’t have to go far to do extracurricular stuff. El colegio de los niños ha empezado […]

The Importance of Finding the Lego Piece / La Importancia de Encontrar La Pieza de Lego

There are days when my kids overwhelm me. They all want something and over the years, I have learned to tune them out. With four kids, sometimes their voices become like white noise. Buzz, buzz, buzz. Buzz, buzz, buzz. There are days when I am absent mentally and emotionally, and I hate that. Hay dias […]