5 Tips for a New Look for Your Living Room / 5 Consejos Para un Nuevo Estilo Para Tu Salon


Some people hate change. Not me. I love it. I get restless easy so if I can’t change something, I go crazy. My house decor is the best thing I have to change on a quarterly basis. It’s amazing how many different ways you can rearrange your decor. Let’s just take the living room. If you’re like me and like change, here are some tips to do so without spending a lot of money:

Me gusta cambiar mis espacios y habitaciones! Aquí es los 5 consejos para cambiar una habitación:


1. Start by first buying light and versatile furniture. I have 2 side tables that pushed together can be a coffee table. A shelf can be a buffet table. A extendable dining table, unextended, can be a sofa table. Dining room chairs can be accent chairs. The smaller and lighter the furniture, the more you can experiment with placement and function. Cuando compras tus muebles, elege las cosas que son ligeros y versátiles.

2. Change your space function. We don’t have a formal dining room so our rectangular living room is both living and dining. Sometimes I have the “dining room” on the right, but sometimes I move it to the left. Sometimes I add a desk area to the living room space and sometimes I take it out. Sometimes the corner is a reading nook for the kids but sometimes not. By simply moving the shelving and tables around, I can allocate the space differently for various purposes. Try it! You actually might find a better function for a particular space. Cambia las funciones de tus espacios.

3. If you have a fabric hoarding problem like me, it’s easy to change out fabrics, like pillow covers, to change your entire look. I can go from modern to country to vintage to global just by changing my pillow covers. A tablecloth here or there, or a throw, can add to or change the colors of your room quickly and easily as well. Cambias las telas como las fundas de los cojines o una manta.


4. Think out of the box for wall decor. On my wall are some regular frames but I also hang my musical instruments (my guitar and tambourine). Sometimes I frame fun fabric or decorative plates, my vintage camera collection, or anything that can fit in an embroidery hoop. If you can stick or hang it on the wall, do so and see how it looks. it might surprise you and actually look great! Colga las cosas diferentes como los instrumentos o libros, etc. en tu pared.

5. Try to find objects in other rooms to swap with what you have. Maybe your child’s desk would be a great TV console. Maybe some vintage kids toys from the toy box would be great table accents. Change a lamp from one room to the next. A pretty pitcher from the kitchen can become a vase for your living room. By looking in other rooms, you’ll be surprised by what you can find! Cambia las cosa de una habitacion con una otra. Un escritorio de tu hijo puede ser una mesa para tu television, por ejemplo.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to give yourself a new room.  Sometimes, all the pieces are right there in your home. You simply need to be creative and find new functions and spaces for what you already have. Hope you have fun treasure hunting in your house! I’m sure you have a lot of great stuff there!

No necesita gastar mucho dinero para cambiar el estilo de tu casa! Simplemente utiliza lo que tienes!


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