DIY Lego Mat / DIY Una Alfombrilla de Legos


Okay parents, if you have boys that love Legos and you don’t have a Lego mat yet, go make one right away! The boys are always trying to find a Lego piece they need and it’s so difficult if you have the Legos in a box or bag. Having a mat gives you a way to store the Legos as well as find pieces easily.

Puedes hacer una alfombrilla de Legos para los niños porque es más fácil encontrar las piezas y almacenarlas.

There’s lot of tutorials out there but I improvised because I love shortcuts and I don’t care if it looks perfect.

If you want to do it the right way, you can try these instructions, or Google DIY Lego mat.

If you want to do it my way, simply

1. Cut two large circles out of any fabric. Corta dos piezas de tela en círculos.

2. Have the color side facing each other. Pon los lados correctos juntos.

3. Mark at every quarter of the circle once inch. Marca 3 cm en cada cuarto de círculo.

4. Sew around except for the marked spaces. Leave enough room in the last space to turn fabric inside out. (You would have sewed 4 lines, with 4 spaces in-between.) Cose alrededor, evita los espacios marcados. Deja suficiente espacio para dar la vuelta a la tela.

5. Turn inside out. Dala la vuelta.


6. Tie two ends of a cord (that is 6 inches longer than the circumference) together and put cord inside the fabric. Ata la cuerda juntas (la cuerda necesita ser 16 cm más larga que la circunferencia de la tela), y pon dentro de la tela.

7. If needed, hand sew closed the opening (that you used to turn fabric inside out) so that all the openings are about 1 inch. Si necesitas, cose la última apertura a mano para usar solo 3 cm.

8. With your fingers, push the cord close to the seam of the two fabrics. Con tus dedos, empuja la cuerda más cerca de la costura.


9. Draw a circle 1 inch from the edge and topstitch a complete circle on the inside of the fabric, enough to have a casing for the cord. (Sew carefully so you don’t catch the cord.) Dibuja un circulo en la parte superior y cose para cubrir  la cuerda.


10. Put all your Legos in the middle of the fabric. Pon los Legos en el centro.


11. Pull on the cord from the 4 openings! Voila! Tira de las cuerdas y ya está terminada.

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