5 Ways to Respond to Neighbor Noise When Living in an Apartment


Que Hacer Cuando Los Vecinos Son Ruidosos?!

Living in an apartment in the city means that you have to deal with neighbor noise. Especially here in Madrid where they enjoy their nightlife and fiestas, your neighbors can stay up to 4  or 5 in the morning!! This past Saturday was one of those nights where our neighbors above us were partying hard.

How do you respond to neighbor noise?

  1. Of course you can close your doors and windows which may or may not help. We live on a busy street so sometimes closing doors makes it sound louder because the street noise doesn’t cover up the sound.
  2. Turn on a fan for white noise. That should soften the neighbor noise a bit.
  3. Earplugs. If you’re a light sleeper, that’s your best bet.
  4. Knock on your neighbors door or yell out the courtyard window like other Spaniards. Every once in awhile, I’ll hear someone yell out the window, “Silencio!” when someone’s having a loud party, so I guess it’s normal practice.  And if your neighbors aren’t too drunk, maybe knocking on their door might help. But maybe not.
  5. And if all else fails, if you can’t stop them, join them. Me and the hubby stayed up late watching movies and singing along to the songs from the party upstairs if it was a good one, because sometimes, you just gotta laugh and go with the flow and find the fun in hard situations.

Maybe next time, we’ll send up some requests to the dj for some more good songs for them to play!


Que hacer cuando los vecinos son ruidosos?

  1. Cierre las puertas y ventanas.
  2. Encienda el ventilador.
  3. Use tapones para los oídos.
  4. Hable con ellos o grita por la ventana.
  5. Si todo eso falla, participa! Canta y baila junto a la música!

Porque, a veces, es mejor ser flexible que estar estresado!

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