Freebie “Fun Zone” Photography Art / Una Descarga Foto Gratis


Yay for freebies! I told you I like being a giver!

Here is a freebie hi-res photo download to use as a poster or any other piece of art (for non-commercial use.)

On Balboa Island in Newport Beach, California, there is a Fun Zone that was built in 1936 and has been renovated several times.  We used to frequent this place a lot as it was a low cost outing for the family. Taking the tiny ferry (seriously, TINY!), was a treat for the kids and the beach is just around the corner. I love the nostalgic look to this photo and I hope you do too!

If you love The Fun Zone as much as we did, or simply think this is a great photo, enjoy this free download!

Maybe one day, you’ll get to go there and enjoy it too!


Aquí se puede descargar una foto gratis!  En la isla de Balboa en la ciudad de Newport Beach, California, hay una zona de diversíon que se construyó en 1936. Ibamos alli mucho con los niños! Era un lugar divertido para los niños y la playa estaba cerca. Me gusta esta foto nostálgica! Si te gusta también, disfrute de esta descarga gratuita!


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