Vintage Typewriter Birthday Present


Can someone say, “Best belated birthday present ever!”?

My Spanish friend just gave me this awesome green, vintage Olivetti typewriter for a belated birthday present that she found at a flea market in her pueblo! She gave it to me as we were picking up the kids from school.

ZB, my 6 year old said, “What is that?”

“A typewriter!” I said.

“What’s a typewriter?”

“It’s what we had before computers, to type on.”

“Why do you need a typewriter when you have a computer?”

“Because it’s awesome!” I said.


It comes with it’s own case!


And it works! I love my friends! (And, of course, I love them even if they didn’t give me a green, vintage typewriter for my birthday.) Now I need to find a prominent place for it in my living room. (If only every single available space wasn’t taken up by the kids’ Legos! Sigh.)


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