5 Basic Ways To Teach Kids Logic


Representing “Appeal to Irrelevant Authority”, from An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments

I never liked math, so when I was in college and found out that I could take Symboic Logic to substitute for my math classes, I was all over that! But little did I know, that those would be the classes I excelled in most and what made me choose Philosophy as my second major!

Learning logic is so important for critical thinking skills for all sorts of subjects like math and science as well as reading comprehension and history, and so much more. It also is especially helpful in learning in the school of life.


“Argument from Consequences”

Right now, my kids don’t always make the most logical choices, but as they grow and mature and understand the laws of cause and effect and illogical reasoning as well, I think they will make better choices.

But how do you teach logic to kids? Here are some ways to start the process:

  1. Teach them checkers and chess and other strategizing board games. They start learning cause and effect and will try to think about their moves in the future, not just their present one.
  2. Let them read mysteries. Mystery books come in all levels, from beginning readers to young adult readers. It’s a great way of instilling logical reasoning as well as reading skills for a child.
  3. Try to learn basic logical and illogical reasonings yourself so you can explain it to your child. This free online book is a fun visual tool to start with: An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments by Ali Almossawi (the book is more for the parent than the child.)
  4. Modeling logical living in your words and your own life.  Let them in on why you do the things you do, so they can hear and see it for themselves.
  5. Show them that they can ask questions, and as they get older, talk to them about their view on life and the world around them and why they believe what they believe, as well as basic logical reasoning ideas.

Here’s another great article to glean from, talking about the same thing.

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