To Antler or Not to Antler

Hanging antlers and horns on walls are a big rage these days. So you may be asking, should I hang them on my wall  or not? How do I know if I should or not? The answer is simple.

Do you love it? Does it bring you joy? Is it beautiful to you?

Don’t do it because the designers tell you to! Don’t do it because you saw it in someone else’s house! Don’t do it just because it’s a trend!

Yes, I have antlers in my house but I love them. I think they’re beautiful and quirky and random and a great conversation starter. Some of my Spanish friends think I’m crazy or weird or odd because it’s not so normal or trendy here in the mom circles I’m in.

But one day, I can tell the story of how I bought these antlers on (Madrid’s version of craiglist), and how I went to Chueca, a barrio (neighborhood) in Madrid known for its alternative lifestyle, to meet up with a guy to buy it, and how a group of old men standing by were heckling at this short Asian lady buying a big pair of antlers, on a corner, almost secretly, like a drug deal going down.

“You’ve got the antlers?” I whisper. “I’ve got the money.”

Oh, what a story!

Yes, your home should be full of stories! Fun ones, sad ones, happy ones. That’s what makes a home a home. So should you put up antlers on your wall? Tell me a story, and I’ll answer your question.

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