Silver Falls State Park – (OR, USA)

My husband and I love the outdoors. But honestly, we’re really not outdoorsy people.  We want to be and feel like we should be; but who are we kidding? A cup of coffee on a sidewalk terrace is as outdoorsy as we get usually. Oh yes, we could blame it on the fact that we live in the city of Madrid and we don’t have a car, so we can’t go out where there’s actual nature but, of course, we’re just making excuses.

But on the one occasion that we were back in the States driving through Oregon, someone mentioned “waterfall” and “easy walk/hike” in the same sentence. That was a definite sell for me!

So to Silver Falls State Park we go, 20 miles east of Salem, OR.

Let me just say, this place is beautiful!  Its 8.7 miles “Trail of Ten Falls” passes by ten waterfalls, some of which you can actually walk behind!  Of course, with the kids, we merely did the 2 mile hike, but that took us past 2 waterfalls which were breathtaking! I love waterfalls!

The hike was a great one with kids–not too challenging and along a marked path. And of course, they loved walking behind the waterfall as well, and simply being around trees and foliage.

If you’re driving around Salem, Oregon and have some time to kill, do not miss out on this state park. It’s the largest in Oregon and you can camp there too if you want.  The scenery is gorgeous and, even if you’re not an outdoorsy person, it just might make you one (well, at least for a day).

Do you have a favorite hike that’s kid-friendly? Do tell!

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