10 Alternatives to Flowers for Your Table


(From Style Me Pretty.)

Here in Madrid, flowers can be expensive!  Or maybe I’m just cheap. Especially when they die in a few days, it’s hard to rationalize paying for them sometimes. So when I’m setting up for a party, big or small, flowers are my last resort because so many other options exist to decorate the table.

Here are 10 alternatives to flowers for a beautiful tablescape:


(Found via TwitPic.)

  1. Candles. Not only are they inexpensive but they set the mood. Don’t have candlesticks? No problem, just use wine bottles! If your candles are too thick around for the bottles, just shave off the bottom sides a little with a knife or scissors.


(From Style Me Pretty.)

2. Succulent plants. Succulents are such the rage right now! But not only are they trendy, they make any black thumb look green again (unless you’re me who have killed cacti before). They look great in clusters and can even be used as party favors at the end of the night.


(From Love My Dress.)

3. Branches. If you are in Madrid in the fall and see some strange lady walking down the street with large branches in her hands, that just might be me. Branches in a vase are great to hang ornaments or notes or lights. They give height to a table too.


(From Intimate Weddings.)

4. Fruit. Sometimes less is more. Simple fruit in a bowl or vase or simply on the table as a runner can look amazing.


(From Real Simple.)

5. Candy. Be practical and just add candy in containers for guests to admire and eat. This is usually more for whimsical parties but peppermint or Kisses in a bowl can look elegant as well.


(From Hochzeitswahn.)

6. Books. If you’re a little more eccentric or an avid reader, books can look great on a table. Just add a ribbon and create a vignette of sorts, so it doesn’t look like you simply forgot to tidy up.


(From Domino.)

7. Feathers. Fake or real, you can find some inexpensively, or pick some up on a walk around your neighborhood. Have them sticking out of a vase or piece of wood and you’ve got a conversation starter.


(From The Daily Basics.)

8. Veggies. Like fruit, vegetables have a natural look to them and a plantlike quality that when arranged appropriately look amazing! And you can always make soup later!


(From Sunset.)

9.  Pinecones. The shape and design of a pinecone makes it fun and interesting any time of the year, although they’re used mostly during fall and winter. Paint them, stack them, put them in a vase. (Just make sure you clean them thoroughly as seen here.)


(From Martha Stewart.)

10.  Rocks. You can find rocks anywhere. Write notes on them or line them up to make a tablerunner. Unique, different, and actually, kinda cool!


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