Family Trip to Little Corona del Mar Beach (CA, USA)

My favorite beach for families by far in Orange County, CA is Little Corona Del Mar.  We have been going here for years so this summer, when we were back in California, we had to go again.  This is also the place where my husband proposed years ago!

We invited some friends and quickly realized that there are lots of people who don’t about this little gem!  Sometimes overshadowed by “Big” Corona Del Mar Beach, where volleyball nets and firepits attract the masses, this little beach quietly attracts the families and those looking for a quieter day.

But just because it’s smaller doesn’t mean it’s without some benefits!  If you can find parking in the residential streets and walk down a path and steps, you’ll arrive at this paradise.

The tidepools are the greatest attraction with sea-life abounding! Come with your little ones to see fish and crabs and anemones in their natural habitat.  

Along with the tidepools, this is a great place to boogie board, build sandcastles, have a picnic, and relax in a beautiful cliff setting, almost making you believe you’re on your own private beach (although, yes, you will sometimes get your crowds; it’s California.)

If you’re in Orange County, look it up; check it out! You won’t be disappointed! (You can find it on the corner of Ocean Blvd. and Poppy Ave. in Corona Del Mar.)

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