DIY Pillow Inserts or How to Store Polyester Filling

Living in an apartment in Madrid, space is limited.  No garage or basement or attic to store all my hoarded craft supplies.  What’s a girl to do?

For example, I have a ton of polyester filling (to make stuffed animals for the kids or as presents, or for future costumes for school or Halloween, etc.).  They have been crammed in our closets laying useless, and taking up precious closet space.  

I then realized that they are in a bag almost already as a pillow.  Why not just make some pillows with all the stuffing and use them as decorative pillows until I need stuffing for another project? So, when I need stuffing, all I do is take a pillow and undo a seam. Then I can grab some stuffing out.  Genius! Why let them simply take up space?

Pillow inserts are hardly a DIY since they’re so simple. (But just in case, sew 2 pieces of fabric, facing each other, on three sides, turn inside out, fill with stuffing, topstitch opening so it’s closed.)

All in all, I hope this inspires you to find a space for your polyester filling by making the inserts or finding other creative ways to store craft supplies.  With 4 kids, they are always wanting more pillows to throw around for a pillow fight so this is a sure winner with the kids too.

How do you store extra craft supplies in creative  or useful ways?

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