DIY Mini-Fabric Doll

This mini-doll is super simple thanks to felt and fabric markers. Since my take-along dollhouse was so small, I had to make a mini doll to go with it.

Here are the instructions.

  1. Freehand draw a head, neck and body with no arms.
  2. Cut out with extra space for an edge.
  3. Cut out long arms and legs with peach or light felt.
  4. Place one side of the face and body piece down on the table, facing you.
  5. Place down arms and legs on top of the body, contorted inwards.
  6. Place down second piece of face and body down next facing away from you.
  7. Carefully sew together, catching the ends of the arms and legs on the inside, with the head and body facing inwards.
  8. Leave an opening to flip it right side out.
  9. Flip right side out and add batting.
  10. Sew the opening, closing it up.
  11. Sew on yarn or embroidery thread for hair.
  12. Use fabric markers to draw on face and a bathing suit.
  13. Sew with tulle a little tutu/skirt by gathering an edge together, then attaching together.

And you’re done!

Hope your little mini-doll likes her dollhouse!

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