10 Reasons to Teach Your Kids to Cook

JT, my 5 year old, stirring the crepe batter.

Do you let your kids cook at home? At what age? For what reason?

I love food shows and so do my kids. With shows like Master Chef Junior, Cupcake Wars, and Chopped out there, kids can’t help not being inspired to get in the kitchen!

Spaghetti and garlic bread made by the kids for dinner.

Here are 10 reasons why you should let your kids help out more in the kitchen:

  1. They can practice fine motor skills by stirring and pouring and measuring.
  2. They’ll eat more of their meal and won’t be as picky if they’ve prepared it themselves.
  3. They’ll be adventurous in their tastebuds as they see all the recipes and food items available to them.
  4. They’ll learn math skills while cooking or baking.
  5. They’ll be proud of themselves for making something and contributing to the family.
  6. They’ll be one step closer to independence.
  7. You’ll get to sleep in on Saturday mornings if you teach them how to make their own breakfast.
  8. On days that you’re tired, you can ask the kids to make dinner.
  9. They’ll make good wives and husbands one day.
  10. If they’re good cooks, they can possibly win $100,000 in prize money on Master Chef Junior. (One can dream.)

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