DIY Take-along Fabric Dollhouse

With 4 kids all in school, we are invited to a lot of birthday parties. The Spanish love their parties, but spasdic me sometimes forget to bring a birthday present. Our friends are gracious though and one time just said, “You like making things. Just make something.”

So I knew I had a lot of scrap fabrics and wanted to use them to rationalize my fabric hoarding problem. So I made a take-along fabric dollhouse (with doll) with 3 rooms (bedroom, kitchen, living room.)

Now I’m a shortcut crafter so I figure people like the “homemade” look so my cuts and sewing are never straight or symmetrical. I make do with good enough because, well, good enough really is good enough. So hope you take my general directions and make your own fabric dollhouse with some creativity and fun.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.

But in general, what I did was

  1. Cut out 12 house shapes that are the same size out of fabric.
  2. Then sew 2 of the bottom edges together with one straight line, making a top “wall” and a bottom “floor”.
  3. Layout the fabrics to have 3 pairs back to back.
  4. Place each pair, one on top of the other. (So your bottom fabric is the outside of the house facing down, next fabric is facing you, next is facing down, etc.)
  5. Designate what rooms you want each to be.
  6. Decorate appropriately by sewing with windows or tables or rugs. To make it easy, use felt or pinking shears on your fabric and merely zigzag stitch.
  7. If you want a bed in the bedroom, simply sew 3 sides down on a small rectangular piece of fabric and leave a top edge unsewn with fabric or felt..
  8. Same with a sink.
  9. Add a fridge door, sew with felt or fabric sewn together.
  10. Pretty much decorate how you want.
  11. Use fabric markers to draw on details or accessories. (Sharpie Fabric Markers are great!)
  12. Use felt to cut out food for the fridge or cups and plates for the sink.
  13. Cut out and topstitch a roof and windows and doors for the outside of the house.
  14. Then after all your decorations are finished, sew each pair inside out, with an opening to flip back right side.
  15. Flip right side out and top stitch around.
  16. Then sew the 3 pieces together with one straight line right at the binding (like a book).
  17. Sew some handles on top using ribbon or rope.
  18. Sew a button and a folded elastic at the center top, to close it up.

Happy Birthday to little Paula!! (The mini-doll instructions will be in another post.)

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