Fall Bucket List for Expats/ Cosas Que Hacer Antes Del Final Del Otoño

If you are an expat living abroad and see the various “Fall Bucket Lists” on the internet, you would be pretty depressed. Half the things mentioned you can’t even do. Visit a pumpkin patch? Nope. Eat Halloween Oreos? Double nope. Go through a corn maze? Non-existent. Si eres un expatriado o un extranjero y ves […]

Family Trip to St. Paul de Vence, France / St. Paul de Vence, Francia con Mi Familia

Nestled near Nice, France is a tiny town with lots of character! We were here last October and it was beautiful! One of the oldest medieval town on the French Riviera, it can sometimes be full of tourists, but in October, it was amazing! Cerca de Niza, Francia es un pequeño pueblo con mucho carácter! […]

7 Apple Drinks For Fall / 7 Bebidas con Manzanas para Otoño

(Found at Sally’s Baking Addiction.) Oh, apples! How I love thee! There are so many ways to eat them but also, so many ways to drink them! Manzanas! Me encanta! Hay tantas maneras de comer ellos, pero también, hay tantas maneras de beber ellos! Here are some awesome recipes:  Aquí están algunas recetas increíbles:

Royal Monastery of St. Thomas, Avila, Spain / Real Monasterio de Santo Tomás, Avila, España

Constructed in 1482, the Royal Monastery of Saint Thomas was funded by Ferdinand and Isabel. It’s also the headquarters of the notorious Friar Tomás Torquemada who was Spain’s first Grand Inquisitor and the zealous leader of the witch-hunts of the 15th century in Spain. Construido en 1482, el Real Monasterio de Santo Tomás fue financiado por […]

Cupcakes 4 Ways Recipe / Receta de Cupcakes, 4 Maneras

I have a hard time deciding on what cupcake flavors I like so occasionally, I make 4 different flavors at the same time! It’s so easy! First find your favorite vanilla or white cupcake recipe and simply add the flavors after the batter is done. Tengo un tiempo difícil cuando decidio en qué sabores de […]