My New Favorite App for Book Lovers

If you’re like me and love books, I just found the greatest app! Book Crawler stores all your books simply by scanning the ISBN barcode or if the book is an old one, you can simply add it manually.  

For only $2.99 (an in-app purchase), you get to store unlimited books (without payment, you can use the app for free for up to about 50 books I think.)  The app stores a picture of the cover, let’s you search fields, and has ways to show who you’ve loaned it to. All stored on your iphone or ipad! There are many more features to it but you can check it out here on iTunes.

I’m almost done logging all the kids books and I’m at 777.  (I told you I love books. Kids books make great care packages too. Hint hint.)  Maybe after I catalog all the kids books, I’ll go and do my husband’s books because he’s got a ton too.  Scanning books gets a little addicting.

One day I hope to open up my own public private library, possibly here in Spain, and I know this app will come in handy!

I’d have to say though, that it still occasionally has a couple glitches, but for what it does and for the price, it’s really not that big a deal.  If you get it, let me know what you think!


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