Why Have Banquette Seating

banquette 1

Blair Harris

We live in an apartment in the city and space is limited.  (The above photo is not our apartment, by the way. I wish!)  With a family of 6, every square inch (or centimeter) is precious. Our living room space is also our dining space, so to maximize space, a banquette is an ideal choice.  How do we do that on a budget?? 

Its easy!  Simply turn an Ikea Kallax 1×4 shelf on its side.  Ba-bing, ba-bang!  Instant banquette seating where you can push the table closer to the wall and the kids can slide into the seats! With storage underneath and added pillows, we have a design winner.

What do you do to save space in your dining room?

But if that banquette is too much of a short cut for you, here are some more swoon-worthy banquette seating!

banquette 2

Designer:Julie Massucco Kleiner found on  Traditional Home

banquette 3

Found on HGTV

banquette 4

My Domaine

banquette 5

Simo Design

(According to real designers, a pedestal table is ideal with a banquette so you can push the table closer to the person eating. But I say, even if you don’t have one, you can make do.  It’s still a great space saver.)


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