Family Trip to Knott’s Berry Farm (CA)


JT at Knott's

I grew up in southern California so I remember going to Knott’s Berry Farm with my family and friends.  Special Nights were the best with Knott’s Scary Farm during Halloween or Praise Nights in January.  Getting scared by zombies one month, and singing worship another.  Sure, you can do both!

This summer we had a chance to go with the kids and some friends (never realizing before that it’s the first ever themed amusement park in America).

Of course it’s not Disneyland, but for the price, it delivers! Just don’t buy the tickets at the gate. You can save significantly when you buy online through their website or use a AAA discount or a military ID or sometimes mycokerewards has discounts or even Baskin Robbins. Ask around and check online.  Or if you think you’ll go more than twice over the year, invest in the annual pass! All my SoCal mom friends have one! Especially since Disneyland seriously bumped up their annual pass price. For under $100 for Knott’s annual pass, it’s a steal!

First of all, with young kids, Camp Snoopy is the place to park yourself. (Well, I’m a little biased because I love the Peanuts Gang! When I was single, I described my ideal guy as Charlie Brown: sweet, kindhearted, a good friend, and bald.  That seriously was the man of my dreams!)

So here was our trip:

Woodstock's Airmail Drop

Woodstock’s Airmail

This ride might look a little cheesy, but for toddlers, it’s great! A toddler’s free fall! with a Snoopy theme! What’s not to like? Especially when there’s practically no line!

Grand Sierra Railroad

This train ride is slow but I love any and all train rides. Plus, you get to see more Peanuts characters along the ride in different scenarios. Again, cheesy for some but great for the teeny tiny ones.

Linus Launcher

Go in circles lying on your stomach!! The kids enjoyed being in a different position.

Balloon Race

Again, another going in circles ride.  Why do kids like that? I just get dizzy.

Then outside of Camp Snoopy, there’s…

Calico Mine Ride

One of their oldest rides, it was fun to cram all of us in one train car and see the animated figures of the mine.

Timber Mountain Log Ride

The kids braved this one not knowing what was in store. The steep fall was scary for them but they survived and enjoyed the fact that it was on water.

Big Foot Rapids

This water ride was clearly their favorite!  Pure fun riding down a river!

Merry Go Round

Of course, gotta top it all off with a merry go round ride just for kicks.

We only stayed a half day and got all these rides in!  Knott’s has great prices and lines are shorter than most amusement parks.  Best bang for your buck and great family time!


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