Family Roots

Bonesteele Park

On our roadtrip this summer from California to Washington, we wanted to stop by Bonesteele Park in Salem, OR. Now, we had heard of Bonesteele Park from my husband’s dad’s cousin. Apparently, Todd’s great-grandfather Harry Bonesteele was a distinguished gentleman in Salem, OR. He had 4 boys (Ernest, Russell, Wallace, and Raymond). Ernest was Todd’s grandfather and Russell, was a prominent businessman, who also served as mayor and a state legislator.  It was Russell who donated the land to the city which is now being restored into an upland prairie park.

You can read more about the family history here.

Bonesteele Park Tree

So of course, we took a quick stop 20 minutes out of Salem to somewhat connect with our roots.. The park itself left us wanting more as we simply saw a big tree and dried grassland. But we did end up trying to get a selfie with the “Bonesteele Park” sign as a creepy RV parked in the parking lot looked on.

Bonesteele Park Selfie
How do you try to teach your kids about your family history? Do you look at photos or go on roadtrips or talk to ancestors? Kids love stories about their families, so tell them now when they’re inquisitive and curious!


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