DIY Mustache Cross-stitch

I know that mustaches are a fad that is fading (so cliche, I know), but I still like them in small amounts.  I had some black embroidery thread and cross-stitch fabric so I made this cute mustache to hang on my wall! So easy and so cute! I’m a shortcut crafter so I didn’t even do the X stitch that I’m supposed to in cross-stitch. It’s really just a / stitch. Because that’s how I roll. It still looks great I think; I just didn’t have the patience to finish the \ part.

Anyway, you can find lots of different patterns on the internet like the one here.

Simply place your cross-stitch fabric in an embroidery hoop.

Find a center spot on your fabric to coincide with a center spot on your pattern. (You don’t have to be exact as you can adjust your fabric in the hoop later.)  Then count squares up and to the left.

Start from the underside of the fabric and pull up your needle and embroidery thread from the most upper left point. Go line by line, following the pattern from top to bottom, zigzagging your way down (skipping squares when needed.) By the way, this is the shortcut way for cross-stitch and it works with this pattern because it’s simply one big solid. I don’t think you would use this method for a more complicated pattern.)

And you’re done! Great project for when you’re watching Spanish television, trying to improve your Spanish.

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